Nov 6, 2011

CHEMIX School: an Educational Tool for Learning Chemistry

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CHEMIX School: an Educational Tool for Learning Chemistry
CHEMIX School is an educational tool for studying chemistry. It's geared toward college-stage chemistry, but can additionally be appropriate for prime-college students, chemists, and teachers. It is geared up with a periodic table containing history, 19 bodily properties + variety of secure isotopes, abundance, atomic mass, spin, resonance frequencies, relative receptivity, magnetic moment, quadropole moment and magnetogyric ratio for all stable isotopes. Additionally included are bodily properties of more than 2500 unstable isotopes corresponding to: atomic mass, half-life, decay modes, decay energy, particle vitality, particle intensities,spin and magnetic moment including decay bushes for 600 decays.

It is also geared up with a molecular three-D viewer, calculator, curve fit, operate plot, information manipulation, derivatives, definite integrals for one and two features, ternary part diagram plotter, binary part diagram plotter, trend plots of bodily/chemical properties of the elements, spline interpolation, conversion desk (temperature, stress, energy, power, size and mass), solubility chart for inorganic compounds used in inorganic evaluation, dictionary, and superior calculators for molecules (Mol, mass and mass%), thermochemistry , electrochemistry, weak acid/base/buffers, acid-base indicators desk, solubility (Ksp) and customary ion effect calculator, gas equations, spectroscopy assignment tool (NMR H[1] C[13], IR and MS) and stoichiometry (chemical equation balancer that additionally balances chemical equations containing free electrons). Potential to insert colors and angled text in graphics. Hi decision print and duplicate to clipboard. Chemistry lessons and issues are included. Each English and Norwegian versions are available.
CHEMIX School: an Educational Tool for Learning Chemistry

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