Nov 16, 2011

Equation Illustrator V: Combining Graphics and Complicated Formatted Text

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Equation Illustrator V: Combining Graphics and Complicated Formatted Text
Equation Illustrator V has been designed to ease the troublesome task of mixing graphics and sophisticated formatted text resembling math equations in digital and printed documents. A WYSIWYG interface which keeps automation to a minimal and lets you put what you need where you want it. Formatted equation macros might be stored and retrieved with a lower and paste kind interface. Alternatives might be sent to the Windows clipboard as Enhanced Metafiles and bitmaps or saved to file to be used in www and different documents. Vector drawing functions are included from simple rectangles to common polygons and Bezier curves. Some expertise particular functions resembling waves and pulses are also included, over 50 drawing tools in all. Equation Illustrator V is designed for people who know what they want and where they want it. Pixel by pixel control over formatted text allows precision alignment of equations. Fonts for special math characters and the periodic desk are included within the price. This is a major replace of the program and consists of many improvements and additions. Full textual content selection with keyboard and mouse. Flicker associated with picture objects eliminated. Multiline formatted equation/text storage. Limitless number of drawn vector shapes. Vector transformations: polar and rectangular arrays (by bounds or distance), scaling, mirroring. Options to convert rectangular shapes into polylines/gons during rotation (consists of ellipses that are transformed into 'poly Beziergons'). Options to attract polar and rectangular transforms in random colours. Zooming of vector graphics. Comprehensive dimension formatting: decimal locations, scientific etc. Colour discount, anti-aliasing and rotation of bitmapped images. WMF and PNG graphic formats added.

Supported OS
Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP
Price: USD 29.95
you can try it by downloading this file using this link below
Equation Illustrator V: Combining Graphics and Complicated Formatted Text

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