Jun 14, 2011

Koleksi Buku Matematika dan Fisika

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Koleksi Buku Matematika dan FisikaDaftar isi:
(1965) - Calculus on Manifolds - A Modern Approach to Clasical Theorems of Advanced Calculus (Spivak, 1995 24th Pr).pdf 25.55 MB
A survey of modern algebra - Birkhoff & MacLane.djvu 4.62 MB
Adams R.A. Sobolev spaces (AP, 1975)(600dpi)(T)(278s).djvu 7.97 MB
Advanced Calculus 2Ed , 1990 - Loomis L H , Sternberg S.djvu 6.46 MB
Aleksandrov A., Kolmogorov A., Lavrent'ev M. (eds) Mathematics.. its content, methods and meaning, vol 2 (AMS, 1963)(385s).djvu 3.16 MB
Algebra - Introduction to Hilbert spaces with applications (L. Debnath & P. Mikusinski) (AP, 1990)(L)(T)(261s).djvu 9.02 MB
An Introduction to Difference Equations, 3ed (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) Saber Elaydi 0387230599.pdf 3.55 MB
An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers 4th ed - G. Hardy, E. Wright (Oxford, 1959) WW.djvu 5.75 MB

Part 1 Part 2
Koleksi Buku_Part1Koleksi Buku_Part1

Andreescu T , Feng Z 102 Combinatorial Problems From The Training Of The Usa Imo Team (Birkhauser, 2002)(Isbn 0817643176)(148S).djvu 734.99 KB
Andreescu T., Feng Z. 103 trigonometry problems.. from the training of the USA IMO team (Birkhauser, 2005)(ISBN 0817643346)(229s).pdf 1.29 MB
Apostol Tom A- Introduction to Analytic Number Theory.pdf 13.11 MB
Arnold V.I. Ordinary differential equations (MIT, 1978)(no TOC)(T)(273s).djvu 6.27 MB
Atiyah.-.Introduction.To.Commutative.Algebra.(1969)(T).djvu 1.55 MB
Baez J C , Muniain J P Gauge Fields, Knots, And Gravity (Ws, 1994)(L)(T)(239S).djvu 2.75 MB
Birkhauser - Complex Numbers from A to Z ( A. Andreescu 2006).pdf 2.73 MB
Bollobas B. Modern graph theory (GTM 184, Springer, 1998)(ISBN 0387984887)(398s).djvu 9.99 MB
Bonar, Khoury - Real Infinite Series (MAA 2006)(271s).djvu 3.94 MB
Byron F., Fuller R. Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics.Vols.1-2.(Dover, 1992)(669s).pdf 14.19 MB
Complex Variables - Introduction and Applications 2nd ed - M. Ablowitz, A. Fokas (Cambridge, 2003) WW.djvu 3.09 MB
Counterexamples In Topology - Steen , Seebach.pdf 7.98 MB
Courant, Robbins, Stewart - What Is Mathematics 2Ed - Isbn 0195105192.djvu 7.45 MB
Derbyshire - Riemann And The Greatest Unsolved Problems In Math (2003).djvu 3.86 MB
Doran C., Lasenby A. Geometric algebra for physicists (CUP, 2003)(ISBN 0521480221)(589s).djvu 6.85 MB
Dugundji - Topology.djvu 4.19 MB
Dummit D., Foote R. Abstract algebra (3ed., Wiley, 2004)(ISBN 0471433349)(946s).djvu 14.59 MB
E Birkhauser - 104 Number Theory Problems - Titu Andreescu 2007.pdf 1.05 MB
Enderton H B A Mathematical Introduction To Logic (2Nd Ed , Academic Press, 2001)(T)(326S) Maml.djvu 3.18 MB
Engel A. Problem solving strategies (Springer, 1998)(400dpi)(T)(415s)_MSch_.djvu 3.23 MB
Falconer.-.Fractal.geometry.-.mathematical.foundations.and.applications.2ed..(2003)(T)(367s).djvu 2.43 MB
Feller V. Introduction to Probability Theory, vol 1(T)(525s).djvu 4.92 MB
Feller W. An introduction to probability theory and its applications Vol II (3ed., Wiley, 1971)(T)(683s).djv 13.14 MB
Fifty.Challenging.Problems.In.Probability.With.Solutions_Mosteller_0486653552.djvu 604.81 KB
Gamow, George - One two three infinity (1961).djvu 15.96 MB
Generatingfunctionology , Wilf.pdf 1.54 MB
George Polya - Problems & Theorems in Analysis.djvu 7.58 MB
Geroch R. - General relativity from A to B.djvu 1.35 MB
Haag R. Local quantum physics (2ed, Springer, 1996)(ISBN 3540614516)(T)(404s)_PQft_.djvu 3.23 MB
Halmos. Finite-dimensional vector spaces. Springer (205s).djvu 2.82 MB
Hardy, G. H. - A Course of Pure Mathematics.pdf 39.34 MB
Heinbockel J.H. Introduction to tensor calculus and continuum mechanics (lecture notes, 1996)(T)(373s).djvu 2.29 MB
HEP Quarks and Leptons - Introductory Course in Modern Particle Physics (Halzen, Martin).djvu 2.50 MB
Hoffman, Kunze. Linear algebra (2ed, PH, 1971)(T)(415s).djvu 4.08 MB
How to Prove It A Structured Approach - Daniel J. Velleman (2006).pdf 23.92 MB
Hrbacek K., Jech T. Introduction to set theory (3ed., M.Dekker, 1999)(ISBN 0824779150)(T)(308s).djvu 3.05 MB
Hungerford T. Algebra (GTM 73, Springer, 2003)(L)(ISBN 0387905189)(264s).djvu 9.63 MB
Introduction to Elementary Particles - D. Griffiths.djvu 3.59 MB
Introduction to Probability_Dimitri P. Bertsekas & John N. Tsitsiklis (MIT 2000 371s).pdf 2.40 MB
Itzykson Zuber-Quantum Field Theory-Mcgraw-Hill.djvu 7.58 MB
Jaynes.-.Probability.theory,.the.logic.of.science.(1996)(589s).djvu 6.15 MB
Jech T. Set theory (3ed., SMM, Springer, 2003)(ISBN 3540440852)(753s).pdf 7.10 MB
John W. Milnor - Topology from the differentiable viewpoint.djvu 386.09 KB
Kardar M. Statistical physics of particles (CUP, 2007)(ISBN 0521873428)(600dpi)(K)(T)(O)(333s)_PT_.djvu 2.80 MB
Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 5. Statistical physics part 1(T)(562s).djvu 7.85 MB
Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 9. Statistical physics part 2(T)(397s).djvu 5.91 MB
Linear Algebra Problem Book - Halmos.pdf 8.91 MB
Lyons R.G. Understanding Digital Signal Processing (PH, 2001)(L)(T)(269s).djvu 4.92 MB
Mathematical Logic - Introduction to Mathematical Logic (E. Mendelson)(2d ed).pdf 32.95 MB
Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics, 2nd ed. - V.I. Arnold.djvu 4.00 MB
Mathematical Physics (1999, Springer) - S Hassani.pdf 33.79 MB
Mathematical Physics - Butkov.pdf 14.99 MB
Munkres J. Topology (2ed., PH, 2000)(L)(T)(276s).djvu 3.96 MB
Paul R.Halmos - Naive Set Theory.pdf 52.21 MB
Problems and Solutions for Undergraduate Analysis (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) (Rami Shakarchi, Serge Lang) 0387982353.djvu 4.58 MB
Pugh C. Real mathematical analysis (UTM, Springer, 2002)(ISBN 0387952977)(448s).djvu 5.23 MB
Quantum Field Theory - Mark Srednicki.pdf 3.29 MB
Real and complex analysis third edition - Rudin.djvu 17.86 MB
Reed M., Simon B. Vol 4. Methods of modern mathematical physics. Analysis of operators (AP, 1978)(K)(600dpi)(T)(ISBN 0125850042)(404s).DJVU 8.27 MB
Reed M., Simon B. Vol. 1. Methods of modern mathematical physics. Functional analysis (2ed, AP, 1.djv 9.34 MB
Reed M., Simon B., Methods of modern mathematical physics, v.3, Scattering Theory, 1979, 2p.pdf 25.77 MB
Reed, M. - Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics Vol 2 - Fourier Analysis, Self Adjointness - 2nd ed., - M. Reed.djvu 7.10 MB
Richard.P.Stanley.-.Enumerative.Combinatorics.djvu 3.01 MB
Riemann zeta function - Edwards.djvu 4.74 MB
Roman S. Advanced linear algebra (3ed., GTM 135, Springer, 2008)(ISBN 0387728287)(528s).pdf 6.84 MB
Schutz B.F. A first course in general relativity (CUP, 1985)(ISBN 0521277035)(KA)(T)(390s).djvu 2.90 MB
Shankar R. Principles of quantum mechanics (2ed., Plenum, 1994)(no pages 428-654)(T)(453s).djvu 3.89 MB
SMITH 2005 - Introduction to G_del's Theorems (Cambridge Univ Press).pdf 907.25 KB
Strogatz S Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos With Applications To Physics, Biology, Chemistry And Engineering (Aw, 1994)(K)(T)(Isbn 0201543443)(256S).djvu 9.81 MB
The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class - An Introduction to the Art of Mathematical Inequalities_J.MICHAEL STEELE(CUP 2004 318s).pdf 1.74 MB
The Elements Of Integration And Lebesgue Measure - R G Bartle.djvu 1.27 MB
The Variational Principles of Mechanics (Cornelius Lanczos) B000JNKXHI.djvu 6.24 MB
Titchmarsh E.C. The theory of functions (2ed., Oxford, 1939)(T)(460s)_MCat_.pdf 23.95 MB
Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt 47 bytes
van der Waerden - Group theory and quantum mechanics.djvu 4.44 MB
van Ness H.C. Understanding thermodynamics (10ed., Dover, 1983)(T)(K)(107s)_PT_.djvu 634.46 KB
Koleksi Buku Matematika dan Fisika

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