Nov 11, 2011

NoeClone: Bioinformatics Software

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NoeClone: Bioinformatics Software
NoeClone, your digital cloning laboratory. NoeClone provides a knowledge-enhanced and complete answer for digital cloning, gel simulation, plasmid map drawing and sequence analysis. NoeClone transforms the complicated molecular cloning process into a nice working experience. Empowered with versatile functionalities of NoeClone, molecular biologists can actually enjoy the enjoyable of molecular manipulation and clone design in sillico. * Interactive graphic interface. Graphic maps are utterly interactive and can be manipulated as in a drawing program. * Intuitive virtual cloning. NoeClone's visible clone designing resembles the precise laboratory cloning process and helps advanced cloning operations similar to modifying fragment ends, including adaptors, electronic PCR, and Gateway Cloning. * Plasmid map and cloning flowchart. The plasmid map editor supports a quantity of maps, making it easy to create cloning flowcharts. * Advanced sequence decoration. NoeClone introduces SeqCoratorTM know-how that enables function ornament with unprecedented flexibility. * Gel simulation. An integrated gel simulator can be utilized to display patterns of digestion and isolate gel bands as fragments for cloning. * DNA sequence analysis. NoeClone comes outfitted with a collection of sequence evaluation tools with graphic output integrated seamlessly into the NoeClone environment. * Maximum file compatibility: read/import information from other cloning software

Main features

1. NoeClone provides a knowledge-enhanced and comprehensive solution for virtual cloning, gel simulation, plasmid map drawing and sequence analysis.
2. Sequence comparison and sequence view
3. Plasmid map drawing
4. Motif search and ORF
5. Gel simulation
6. Restriction enzyme analysis
7. PCR design
8. High-throughput cloning
9. Support advanced TOPO clone and Gateway clone

Supported OS: WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win2000, WinOther, Other, Mac OS X, Mac Other, WinServer, WinMobile, Win98, Unix, Linux, Java, MS-DOS, OpenVMS

NoeClone: Bioinformatics Software

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